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600 N Mission Wenatchee, WA 98801

February and March

February and March are our dental months! Dental health is so important that we continue our promotion for 2 months.  Receive 20% off dental cleaning!!


May is National Pet Month.  It usually is only during the first full week in May, but we think that our pets deserve longer than that.  Receive 20-50 % off vaccinations with exam, dental, or surgical procedure.


August is dental month again.  Receive 10% off dental cleaning

September and August

September and August is BIGGEST LOSER MONTHS.  We are having a competition for the biggest loser for dogs and cats.  We will have a diet tailored to your pets needs and weekly weigh-ins. Prizes for the biggest loser!  Come in to sign up today.


November is arthritis month. Notice your pet slowing down, not being able to jump as well, trouble raising up? Come see us! Rebates available for medications.

Veterinary Topics